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Adventuring can be Puzzling

Bling Bling Adventure Awaits

Travel through the treasure filled caverns of the Goblin King. Learn new abilities to solve challenging puzzles and thwart your enemies.

The Tesseract Puzzle Mode

When your done with the adventure, it's not over. Super T.A. offers over 50 levels of unique challenge rooms for players to complete.

Be-boop! Mobile & PC

Super T. A. will be released on a variety of platforms. Originally built for iPad 2, STA has grown to support retina devices and PC.
Check out our Steam Group.

Munch munch Pizza Time

You'll never know what to expect with STA, familiar gameplay with nonsensical humor, STA was built with a passion for making games. We hope you enjoy it!

Stills & Video

Super Team

Coder Guy Tim Jones Code & Design

From the moment Tim owned his first computer he has been learning game development. He's passionate about games and wants to make games that are simply fun. When Tim isn't working on STA, he's spending time with his family, or playing games.

Pizza Guy Michael Vaughn Green Art & Design

Mike has always loved working on silly cartoons and games. He's excited to bring his art direction to STA. When Mike isn't working on STA he's either eating pizza, buying Steam games, or trying to finish A Dance with Dragons.

Additional Level Design: James Anderson
Produced By: JH Specialty

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